The Interaction between your device and the Internet.

Accessing websites on the Internet requires your browsers to download files from remote webservers via your Internet connection. These files may include text and graphics, videos and sound files. These files are stored on your computer’s memory cache. This is the mormal operation of websites.


In addition to the files that you can see and hear, some text files known as Cookies are set on your device and you can’t see them, but you can experience some of their effects. They are designed to work in specific ways to accomplish the tasks for which they were designed. For examples some Cookies are designed to enable your browser to remember your preference settings, others are set to count unique visits to a webpage and to relay that information back to the webserver.

Our WordPress Blog  uses Cookies in its normal operation to allow access for registered users by password and to show the cookie warning and consent banner. The legal basis for their use is that the blog will not function correctly without them and the banner is required for EU residents should they happen to visit.

You can learn more about Cookies and how to control the use of cookies via the preference settings on your browser from

If you don’t want to use Cookies,  use your browser settings to turn them off. Please be aware that your experience of the site may be adversely affected if you turn them off.

Types of cookies

These are Session Cookies that are used for logging visits that only last as long as you have the site open.

There are persistant Cookies that will remember that you have logged in for as long as 1 year.

There’s a Viewed Cookie Policy  to remember whether the user has seen the Cookie warning or not.

There are content cookies that last for one session only.

As a visitor you don’t need a password to read the blog articles.

The number of Third Party Cookies on site appears to vary,  the following cookies are set by to serve their purposes of identification, to store user preferences, for security and advertising
1P_JAR lasts 1 month content is 2018-6-26-19
APISID lasts 2 years 7apDdI6R-GksFJ79/AV8XAIOnQVWQJMvWE
OGPC lasts 2 months 19005936-2:19006913-1:19006965-1:
SID lasts 2 years OwbC-AXYXTiKrlZiDUZfpvwOtsYHLe2DXLel1brEtcSyrzJQHt57tBslRhxHdmVr8tHI2w.
SIDCC lasts 3 months AEfoLeZ-HXNjZk2s3IK83FWIxu3NhxIsFkcuHfBVLHh8Hv6w746l1d0XpFZx08b6XI8m1ddPeW8
SSID lasts 2 years OwbC-AXYXTiKrlZiDUZfpvwOtsYHLe2DXLel1brEtcSyrzJQHt57tBslRhxHdmVr8tHI2w. set OTZ Cookie,  the content is 4443408_76_80_104160_76_446820 and it lasts 2 years

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As a registered user you would need to set a password and the blog will set Cookies to remember you and to keep you logged in between visits if that is what you want.

Thank you for visiting.


Storytellers uses Youtube and Facebook to help communicate our messages, those websites use Cookies in the course of their normal operations to enable their particular business models, they are advertiser funded and have their own Cookies and these are described in their privacy policies.
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Erika reserves the right to use other cookies in the future if it serves her business model and we will post information here about those Cookies if and when she uses them.