Erika speaking at a Storytellers meeting

Privacy & Terms

Erika speaking at a Storytellers meeting
Erika speaking at a Storytellers meeting

Hi, I want you to know that I won’t collect any information from you that you don’t volunteer to give me and I never have, nor ever will sell your personal information.

I won’t share your contact details or any other information with any third party unless required to do so by law.

Terms and Conditions  StoryTellers Life Changing Legal and Privacy

Information last updated on  6/26/2018

Privacy Matters

You may publish your stories on our StoryTellers forum, but otherwise we will not share information about you with third parties other than as required to by law enforcement authorities, or in the case of preparation and delivery of our legal defense in case of a dispute or suit. 
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Third Party Service Providers
Please note that Facebook and Youtube have their own Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies which will also apply to you as users and over which we have no control. 
Failure to comply with our terms and conditions automatically revokes any given users’ access privileges. 

If you have any other questions regarding Privacy issues please don’t hesitate to contact me.

This page lays out the terms, conditions and disclaimers that are pertinent to and govern all use of our digital and physical StoryTellers forum:, StoryTellers Blog, Facebook and our meetings. Your allowed use of our facilities is predicated on your agreement with these terms, conditions and disclaimers to the extent allowable by applicable Louisiana Law.  Thank you.

  Terms and Conditions for Acceptable Use

Thank you for your interest in StoryTellers Life Changing LLC. Henceforth referred to here as StoryTellers is a multi-platform forum for sharing personal experiences in a cathartic healing process that is intended to benefit both story tellers and their audience.  At the moment these services are only available to people aged 18 and above. This service is for adults and not intended for minors.In return for your use of this forum in compliance with our terms and conditions we are happy to help you share your stories and experience others’ via our physical meetings, website, our blog, Facebook page and YouTube Channel.
Collectively these events and sites are described here as our forum. Please note that our terms and conditions are reasonable, are non-negotiable and are legally binding on anybody who uses our services including you, henceforth here referred to collectively as ‘users’ and ‘you’.  If you disagree with any of our terms and conditions then please do not use any of our services as compliance with our terms and conditions is a pre-requisite for authorized use of our services. 
Unauthorized use of our services in not permitted. All access to services is granted by StoryTellers on a temporary basis to users, ‘free of charge’ and without any form of warranty, explicit or implied. 
StoryTellers reserves the right to help pay for these services via third party advertising through Google’s Adsense  on the site, blog and on Youtube. Use of the StoryTellers Forum is available to all users aged 18 and above provided that they comply with our Terms and conditions.
Conditions for Acceptable UseThese terms and conditions are subject to possible change without notice. Users are advised to check this page periodically and to refer to the above date to see when the terms were last updated as changes are legally binding. Users statutory rights are unaffected by these terms and conditions, but StoryTellers requires users to indemnify the administrators to the maximum extent allowable by law as practiced in the State of Louisiana as a condition of use of our forum.
At any given time the Internet-based services may be unavailable, the administrators are not obliged to guarantee access, nor are they obliged to publish or moderate material that users share with StoryTellers. All media material submitted to StoryTellers must comply with our Publication Standards. 

Our Publication Standards

All material shared with Story Tellers must be both intended and fit for publication, i.e. it must meet the following standards:
 Material must be submitted on a voluntary basis not from compulsion, by individuals aged 18 or above in conjunction with a filled Media Release Form.
 Users may only tell stories on our forum in which they themselves play the major role as protagonist. We aren’t interested in publishing gossip.
 False names of people and places can be substituted in order to protect individual’s rights to privacy. Otherwise, all material must be true, decent, non-defamatory, non-harmful and rendered in clearly intelligible English.
 It is assumed that any material submitted by users is intended for publication on our forum. Don’t send us anything that is private or illegal.
 The user must own copyright of all the material that they wish to share on our forum, i.e. it must be original, not a derivative work , not copied from another source. By sharing the material, the user grants joint copyright status to StoryTellers to enable StoryTellers to publish the story on our forum and social media.
Furthermore, the user must allow that other users of the forum may wish to share the material via their own social media and so by submitting material to our forum users are effectively granting infinite and unlimited rights for other people to share the story in perpetuity.  We can’t put cats back into bags.
 All users must treat each other and the site administrators with respect. This applies in videos and commentary alike. ‘Flaming’ other users is strictly prohibited. ‘Trolls’ material won’t be published.
 Users may request that the administrators remove their own material from the Forum, but they cannot expect a full and total recall, by then the stories may well have travelled beyond the administrator’s reach.
 Administrators are obliged to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in any instance where it is believed that a crime may have been committed. This includes the full range of conventional and cyber crimes.
 Foreign language material and commentary will not be published on this forum. If we can’t understand it, we won’t share it.
 StoryTellers reserves the right to edit a story in order to render it more fit for publication or to reject a story that fails to meet the required standards.
Thank you very much. We hope that you enjoy StoryTellers.