Freedom Day Ten

“There is Freedom in Balance”

Life with restriction results in limited freedom. Yet, I have come to learn like many of you, we need some restriction and boundaries or we will end up in a whirlwind of trouble. The trick is to discover where to place boundaries and where to remove them. Once you have found a healthy balance in this, you have found Gold!

When I was younger, probably up until my mid 20’s, I lived for “Remember that time?” moments. Most of the chances that I would take or the moves that I would make were to one day be able to say, “Do you remember that time?” Let me just tell you, that was a dangerous time I lived in. Lol, don’t get me wrong, it was equally my most freeing and daring time. A time filled with fun, great adventures and lots of memory making. On the contrary however, it was also a time where I experience, rejection, heartbreak and regression in my relationship with God.

Those are two opposite ends of the spectrum, how can both of them exist simultaneously? Well, let me explain to you how. These two extremes coexist when you don’t have balance in boundaries and your boundaries begin to be misplaced. See, when you are going on vacation with your bestie and you guys are looking for the time of your lives, your boundaries are going to lax just a bit. Where as, when you are taking a chance on love your boundaries have to be a little more strict. If not, you will find yourself in lots of trouble, lots of pain and you will find yourself in compromised positions.

That is why it’s important to have balance. Balance is where freedom lies, not in doing whatever you want. There is a time and place to be completely vulnerable and ready for whatever comes your way, but there is also a time where you need to be a bit more careful and have boundaries. Knowing the difference will save you from heartache and allow you to experience a type freedom that you will never forget.

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