Freedom Day Nine


What’s your strengths?

     As someone who is a little different from many people that I encounter, I’ve experienced my share of strange looks and smug comments. People aren’t accustomed to someone with so many flaws being so confident in themselves. Or a person who spends most of her day watching tv and taking a nap every time she’s gets the privilege to, to be also equally or more productive. It’s not that I have magical powers, although, I am pretty magical. 😉 It’s simply that I have learned to play into my strengths.

Instead of fighting to be like someone else or how the world tells me to be, I just be who God created me to be. So if that means I do work at my oon pace, regardless of how unorthodox my methods are. As long as I’m being productive and effective, who cares how I get it done as long as it gets done right?

So the lesson in freedom today is play into your strengths. Don’t waste all your energy fighting your weaknesses, when your strengths are right there ready to be great right along with you.

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