Freedom Day One

“Freedom is being able to express the way that you feel, regardless of who likes it or not. Your feelings are valid, true and most importantly, your feelings are yours.”
   As I talk about the freedom of expressing your feelings, I’m reminded of a time when I did just that!
      After church one Sunday, a friend stopped me to speak. Something in my response and/or demeanor must’ve been rude, because she responded with, “You’re angry, like all the time.” In which I replied, “That’s because, I am angry!”
        The feeling I got from removing my mask of perfection, (especially in a place like church, where people expect for you to be perfect all the time) is what I call FREEDOM.  I was free to be rightfully angry, (I mean, my mom had recently died and my entire family system was shifted), free to be open and honest about my feelings, and free not to be okay!
       I think that is one of the biggest mistakes that humans make when we think that we have to be “OKAY” ALL of the time… But that’s just not the case.
        It’s okay not to be “OKAY.” So the next time that someone asks about your feelings, don’t respond by saying, “okay” or “fine.” Instead respond with candor. Remind them that you are human too and things aren’t always okay… And that’s “OKAY.”
Todays lesson in FREEDOM is “The freedom of expression”.