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Bald Eagles head and shoulders in 3/4 view, Monroe Louisiana . C.Paxton photo and copyright.
StoryTellers salutes and welcomes contributions from veterans of the armed services and emergency and wildlife services. Thank you for your public service and sacrifices.

Story Tellers Life Changing Channel was established by Social Worker, Erika McFarland as a multi-platform for people to share their stories and in so doing, to help heal themselves and others. The Channel is part of the StoryTellers Forum where courageous people tell their stories of suffering and recovery to strengthen themselves and others. People can become damaged by addiction, abuse and traumatic experiences of various kinds. Relating the experience and the ‘survival’ techniques is part of a cathartic healing process that is founded on the belief that each person is comprised of four elements: mind, body, spirit and soul and if one or more parts of a person is ‘broken’ then the whole person can be considered to be ‘broken’.  By telling their story, the person can heal the damaged parts and reach out to salve the corresponding damaged parts in listeners. Our goal is to be hale again.

Erika’s StoryTellers project is in part advertiser-funded and she welcomes sponsors and thanks you for your support.

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Story Tellers Chapter 2 “I’m Going To Be Sober” Riley McEacharn Fights Temptations

Riley inspiring listeners at StoryTellers.
Riley inspiring listeners at StoryTellers.

This is the 2nd chapter of StoryTeller’s, starring Riley McEacharn who fully surrendered everything to God and turned away from temptations and peer pressure at college.  At this point in time, she celebrates a full year of sobriety and reminds us … you’ve got to not put yourself in those situations where sinful temptations abound.  We hope her story blesses you as much as it blessed us!

Triumph Over Adversity – an awakening experience

“God Gave Me Another Chance …”

Hello StoryTellers! Here is the first Chapter, a tale of sexual assault, rape, injury in a car accident, recovery, tragedy and triumph. This first chapter features the founder of Story Tellers, Erika McFarland.  Watch this video to hear how counselling helped reconcile a rape victim with her mother and allow her to start her new life independently as an adult student in Louisiana, graduating as a Social Worker from Grambling University in the face of the tragic passing of her mother from lung cancer.  A frank and heart-felt account of shared comfort and strength in the face of adversity –Story Tellers Chapter 1- Erika McFarland

We hope her story blesses, encourages and ministers to you. God bless!